Art Nouveau Combs by René Lalique, 1890s-1900s

 Rene Lalique, 1897-1898                              Rene Lalique, Orange Sun Landscape, 1895
René Lalique, Deux Fleurs hair comb, 1900
René Lalique, Jewellery comb "Bathing Naiads", 1900                            * René Lalique, Lalique horn, 1898
René Lalique, Daffodil comb, carved horn and amethyst, 1900
 Rene Lalique, Sea Holly, 1900            Rene Lalique, A tiara comb carved in horn, 1890
 Rene Lalique, Trois Perles Suspendues, 1904
 Rene Lalique, Le peigne aux abeilles, 1900                                  Rene Lalique, Design of two raptors, 1900
 Rene Lalique, Tortoiseshell enameled bats, 1900
 Rene Lalique, Lily of the Valley comb, 1900                Rene Lalique, Masque With Pairs of Dancing Nymphs And Serpents, 1900
 Rene Lalique, Scrolls And Wheat, 1900
Two entwined snakes each biting the same ball shaped object, 1900     Winged Women Comb, 1900


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