Prot-a-gonist* Inner Beauty | Dolores del Rio, 1904-1983

 Dolores del Rio, 1929                                                                  Dolores del Rio, 1920s

"Take care of your inner beauty, your spiritual beauty, and that will reflect
 in your face. We have the face we created over the years. Every bad deed, 
every bad fault will show on your face. God can give us beauty and genes 
can give us our features, but whether that beauty remains or changes is 
determined by our thoughts and deeds."

Dolores del Rio

Dolores del Rio                               Dolores del Rio in Joanna, 1925

"When I returned to Mexico, I joined with people eager to create the Mexican cinema. 
We were full of dreams and had no money whatsoever, but we were able to achieve 
something and open markets for our films all over the world."

Dolores Del Rio

Dolores del Río in Bird of Paradise, 1932

"Del Río represented the highest erotic ideal with her 
performance in the film Bird of Paradise." 

Orson Welles

Throughout the filming of Citizen Kane, 1941, del Río was often at the difficult Welles’ side, 
soothing him when he banged his head against the wall and dealing with his insomnia as 
he abused Dexedrine. They acted together in the movie Journey into Fear, 1943

Dolores Del Rio in Journey into Fear, 1943
Directors: Norman Foster, Orson Welles (uncredited)

On Journey Into Fear, 1943 "Orson insisted I play this role. He said he was unable to see 
anyone else in it, and after reading the part I became equally enthusiastic. I wear no 
glamorous gowns in the film. My main costume is a battered raincoat."

Dolores Del Rio with artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo
Dolores del Río in The Fugitive, 1947                    Diego Rivera, Portrait of Dolores Del Rio, 1938 

Dolores Del Rio

"The secret of youth is work, keep busy, and never be bored. 
Boredom is the only thing that ages you."

Dolores Del Rio, 1960

George Hoyningen-Huenem, Dolores del Río, 1940

"Personally, I buy only what suits me. In the daytime I dress very simply, but 
after 7 p.m. I dress dramatically. I usually wear a tiny nose veil on a cocktail hat. 
Men love it, and it seems to suit my face and personality."

"Hollywood, what a place it is! It is so far away from the rest of the world, so narrow. 
No one thinks of anything but motion pictures or talks of anything else."

Dolores del Río

Edward G Robinson & Dolores Del Rio            Orson Welles And Dolores Del Rio, 1941
Dolores del Rio and Marlene Dietrich, Los Angeles, 1935                               Marlene Dietrich and Dolores Del Río in 1939

Dietrich once called del Rio 
"The most beautiful woman in Hollywood."  

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