Otti Berger | A textile artist and weaver, 1898 – 1944/45

Otti Berger
Otti Berger, Sample of Upholstery for Tubular Furniture, 1932-1937
Otti Berger – Book (detail), mid 1930s
*Sample textile book of 22 various designs by Berger using synthetic dyes and mercerized cotton.
** Otti Berger, Children's Blanket / Nursery Carpet, 1929
Sample textile designed by Otti Berger
Otti Berger, Sample (Furnishing Fabric), 1919–1933
Otti Berger, Christmas and New Year Card, 1937                                    Otti Berger, Rug, 1930
Otti Berger, Swatches of Drapery, Wallpaper and Upholstery Materials, 1919–1933
Otti Berger, Eldrig, 1938
Otti Berger on the Balcony of the Bauhaus in Dessau, 1930            Otti Berger (front) and Lis Beyer in a rowing boat on the Elbe, 1927
Double exposure Otti Berger and Bauhaus,1930-1931
Gertrud Arndt, Otti Berger, 1932                                               Gertrud Arndt, Otti Berger in the Canteen on their last day of the Bauhaus, Dessau, 1932

Otti Berger (1898 – 1944/45) was a textile artist and weaver. She was a student and later 
teacher at the Bauhaus. Berger studied under László Moholy-Nagy, Paul Klee, and 
Wassily Kandinsky, among others. Berger has been described as "one of the most talented 
students at the weaving workshop in Dessau." 
A core member of the experimental approach to textiles at the Bauhaus, Berger experimented 
with methodology and materials during the course of her studies at the Bauhaus to eventually 
include plastic textiles intended for mass production. She applied for a patent for her textile 
designs which she called "Möbelstoff-Doppelgewebe" in 1932 and received it in 1934. She 
sold the rights to the Shriver Corporation. Along with Anni Albers and Gunta Stölzl, Berger 
pushed back against the understanding of textiles as a feminine craft and utilized rhetoric 
used in photography and painting to describe her work.During her time in Dessau, she also 
wrote a treatise on fabrics and the methodology of textile production, which stayed with 
Walter Gropius and was never published.
She was murdered in the Holocaust.

Party at Otti Berger's. Berger, back row far right, with headdress

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