My Thin-Aired Room | Kansuke Yamamoto, 1956 | Man with a Newspaper / René Magritte, 1928

Kansuke Yamamoto, My Thin-Aired Room, 1956

Kansuke Yamamoto who had become acquainted with Surrealism through magazines such as 
ciné and Shi to Touron (Poetry and Debate) as well as having the opportunity to encounter the 
works of Jean Arp, Hans Bellmer, and Man Ray from a young age, references Rene Magritte’s
 L'homme au journal (Man with a Newspaper) (1928), within his work “My Thin-aired Room.” 
The work comprises of four images that narratively convey the evaporation of his very own
 existence within the context of a thin-aired room. The work is not a mere imitation, but is that 
which in itself essentially represents Yamamoto’s practice during the 1950s, of depicting his
 very own experimental spirit through means of photography. (...)

René Magritte, Man with a Newspaper, 1928

Magritte’s deadpan style is seen clearly in these four simply painted scenes. Each section seems 
to be exactly the same, apart from the disappearance of the man reading the newspaper. There are
 slight changes of perspective between the four panels. This can be seen by focusing on the view 
out of the windows. (...)


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