Alphabetarion # Hammock, 1880 - 1935

A young man relaxes in a hammock, 1915

"The censorious said she slept in a hammock and understood Yeats's poems,
 but her family denied both stories." 

H.H. Munro (Saki), The Chronicles of Clovis, 1911

Three young men in hammocks in the woods, 1930
Children in hammock, 1935

 The Musical Pair in the Hammock, Stereoscopic card, 1900s  
Four young men in camp chairs and hammocks under a canopy, 1895
The agent of a Mr Regan with his retinue before a journey by sedan chair to the interior of the Gold
 Coast (now Ghana), 1880
Four servants carry a man in a hammock sedan. Hatch Collection, 1900
    An elderly woman rocking a baby, in a Vietnamese refugee camp, 1970

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