The Best Book Covers of 2020 | Designed by: Oliver Munday / Janet Hansen / Brad Grandgennet / Rachel Willey / Stephen Brayda / David Pearson / Joan Wong / Jack Smyth / Pablo Delcan / Jamie Keenan / Rafael Nobre / Alex Merto / Peter Mendlesund / David Drummond

Pete Beatty, Cuyahoga cover by Matt Dorfman                                     Lee Conell, The Party Upstairs cover  by Stephanie Ross  
Publisher: Scribner                                                   Publisher: Penguin Press
Xander Miller, Zo; cover by Janet Hansen                                               Philip Norman, Wild Thing cover  by Brad Grandgennet 
Publisher: Knopf                                                                  Publisher: Liveright
Daphne Merkin, 22 Minutes of Unconditional Love cover  by Na Kim            Wolf Wondratschek, Self Portrait with Russian Piano cover by Na Kim
Publisher: FSG                                                                                 Publisher: FSG
Javier Cárdenas, Aphasia cover by Thomas Colligan                                       Emerson Whitney, Heaven cover by Sunra Thompson
 Publisher: FSG                                                    Publisher: McSweeney’s
Won-Pyung Sohn, Almond cover design by Stephen Brayda                               Simone Weil, The Power of Words cover by David Pearson 
Publisher: Harpervia                                                     Publisher: Penguin Classics
Carlos Fonesca, Natural History cover by Pablo Delcan                            Dubravka Ugresic, The Age of Skin cover by Jack Smyth
Publisher: FSG                                                            Publisher: Open Letter
Rejean Ducharme, Swallowed cover  by David Drummond                                       Phil Klay, Missionaries cover by Alex Merto 
Publisher: Esplanade Books                                             Publisher: Penguin Press
Adania Shibli, Minor Detail cover by Oliver Munday                                               Evie Wyld, The Bass Rock cover by Joan Wong
Publisher: New Directions                                                  Publisher: Pantheon
Leonard Mlodinow, Stephen Hawking cover by Rafael Nobre        Fernando Pessoa, The Complete Works of Alberto Caeiro cover  by Peter Mendlesund
Publisher: Zahar                                                          Publisher: New Directions
Lidia Yuknavitch, Verge cover by Rachel Willey                      Joyce Carol Oates, Night, Sleep, Death, the Stars cover by Jamie Keenan
 Publisher: Riverhead                                                        Publisher: 4th Estate


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