Photographic Games | Jaromír Funke, 1923 - 1945

Jaromir Funke, Untitled, 1923
Jaromir Funke, Woman with Mask, 1925
Jaromir Funke, Glass and Reflections, 1929
Jaromir Funke, Untitled (Girl’s head and hand), 1935                                        Jaromír Funke, Oranges, 1930
Jaromír Funke, Solitude and Glasses, 1924
Jaromir Funke, Untitled, 1932                                                 Jaromir Funke, Glass and Reflections ,1929
Jaromír Funke, Homage to Matisse, 1924
Jaromir Funke, Untitled, 1935                                                    Jaromir Funke, Glass and Reflection, 1929
Jaromir Funke, Composition, 1925
Jaromir Funke, Landscape, 1940 - 1941                                                   Jaromir Funke, On the Outskirts of the City, 1940
Jaromir Funke, Staircase of old Prague, 1924
Jaromir Funke,Miroslav Kouřil, Wedekind, Spring Awakening Scene, 1936                               Jaromir Funke, In museum (The Modern Gallery) , 1936
Jaromir Funke (1896-1945)
Josef Sudek, Portrait of Jaromír Funke, 1924                                          Jaromir Funke, After Carnival, 1924

Jaromír Funke (1896–1945) studied medicine, law and philosophy at Charles University in Prague
 but did not graduate. Instead he concentrated on becoming a professional freelance photographer.
 By 1922 he was a leader of the young opposition movement in photography and a founder of the
 Czech Society of Photography (1924) whose mission was to create photography that would  
fulfil new social functions.

Time Persists, 1930-34


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