Dancing on the beach | Portugal / England / Argentina / Canada / United States / Brazil, 1904 -1966

Dance Students Rehearse on Beach, Walmer, Kent, England, 1934
Morecambe - Lancashire, England, 1939
The Balloon Dance on the beach of California, 1933   
 Pupils from the International Institute of Margaret Morris Movement 
practice on the beach at Sandwich on the Kent coast, England. 1935
People dancing on the beach in swimsuits, 1921 
 Published by: 'Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung"
Río de la Plata, Buenos Aires, 1904
Women dancing on beach, Toronto, Canada, 1920  
 Brighton Beach in New York City, 1912-13
Bill Perlmutter, A group of girls dance on the beach in Nazaré in Portugal, 1956
Glendale Junior College students dancing on the beach, 1947
Salvador De Bahia, Brazil, 1966


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