Summer Nights, Walking | Photos by Robert Adams, 1976-1982

Summer Nights, Walking: Along the Colorado Front Range | Robert Adams, 1976-1982

'Robert Adams, born in Orange, New Jersey in 1937, is best known for his series of photographs
 that investigates urban encroachment into the landscape of the American West. In much of his 
work, Adams balances a sense of hope for Nature's persistence against despair with man's 
destruction of what was, until relatively recently, wilderness.

He took the Summer Nights series along the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, 
where he lives. The series leads the viewer outward from urban centres towards the rural plains 
and mountains, suggesting a walk out of town as the light fades.

As the series title suggests, Adams took many of the photographs at night in summer, when twilight
 can extend into the whole night. Others, where electric lights are balanced - and even dwarfed - by 
the drama of darkening skies, were taken at actual twilight.' 

 From the website of the V&A Museum, London

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