Playgrounds (II) | Charles Forberg / Mary Mitchell / Le Corbusier / Aldo Van Eyck / Waldemar Cordeiro / Eisen Menning / Robert Winston / Benjamin Domínguez / Gonzalo Fonseca, 1930s-1970s

Benjamín Domínguez, Whale shaped slide, La Laguna Park, Los Angeles, CA, 1965
Concrete climber by Waldemar Cordeiro at Clube Esperia Marginal, São Paulo
Playground by Aldo Van Eyck, Zaanhof, Netherlands, 1950
Mary Mitchell, Camp Hill Development Playground, England. 1964
Charles Forberg, Cypress Hills playground, 1960's
Gonzalo Fonseca, Sunboat, 1964-1965, Reston, VA
Massive space rocker slide, Tlatelolco, Mexico City, 1965                               Two boys, a girl, and some monkey bars, 1954
Zyklop playsculpture by Eisen Menning, 1967
Charles Forberg, Brooklyn, New York, 1967
Vaucresson - Aire de jeux - Playground  - Pierre Szekely
Group Ludic’s spheres on stilts at Hérouville-Saint- Clair, France, 1969. photo Xavier de la Salle
Octopus climber by Benjamin Domínguez 1950's                     Playground by Le Corbusier in Chardigarh, India, 1951

One of the Robert Winston play sculptures, location unknown, 1961
Playground by Aldo Van Eyck, Zaanhof, Netherlands, 1950
Swing in Bloomsbury, London. With capacity for 15 children. 1930


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