Alphabetarion # Servants | James Joyce / Dodie Smith / Marcel Proust / Dejan Stojanovic / Michael Bassey Johnson

Nikolaos Gyzis, The Pantry Man, 1898

“A person who is another man's slave is better than one who is a slave to lust.”

Michael Bassey Johnson

“Different languages, the same thoughts; servant to thoughts and their masters.”

 Dejan Stojanovic, The Sun Watches the Sun, 2012

“It was in the defects that they [servants] invariably acquired that I learned of my own natural,
 invariable defects, and their character presented me with a sort of negative proof of my own.”

 Marcel Proust, The Guermantes Way, 1920-21

“I pulled my mind off the table and stared into the dimness beyond, and then I gradually saw 
the servants as real people, watching us, whispering instructions to each other, exchanging 
glances. I noticed a girl from Godsend village and gave her a tiny wink - and wished I hadn't, 
because she let out a little snort of laughter and then looked in terror at the butler.”

Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle, 1948

"It is a symbol of Irish art. The cracked looking-glass of a servant."

James Joyce


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