Inner Feeling | Photos by Consuelo Kanaga, 1930s-1950s

Consuelo Kanaga, She Is a Tree of Life to Them, Florida, 1950*                                             Consuelo Kanaga, Untitled, 1940s
                                                                                    *  title by Edward Steichen 
 Consuelo Kanaga, Untitled, 1930s                                             Consuelo Kanaga, Untitled, 1930s

Consuelo Kanaga,  Girl with Straw Hat, 1940                                         Consuelo Kanaga, Young Girl, Tennessee, 1948
Consuelo Kanaga, Southern Girls, 1940s
    Consuelo Kanaga, Child with Apple Blossoms, Tennessee, 1948
Consuelo Kanaga, Untitled, 1940s
Consuelo Kanaga, Portrait of a Young Girl, 1940s                                      Consuelo Kanaga, Young Girl, Tennessee
Consuelo Kanaga, Two Women, Harlem, 1930s
Consuelo Kanaga, Mother and Son or The Question, Florida, 1950                                                              Consuelo Kanaga, Untitled
Consuelo Kanaga - Young Girl in Profile, 1948  

"I would sacrifice resemblance any day to get the inner feeling of a person."

Consuelo Kanaga

"I could have done lots more, put in much more work and developed more pictures, but I had 
also a desire to say what I felt about life. Simple things like a little picture in the window 
or the corner of the studio or an old stove in the kitchen have always been fascinating to me. 
They are very much alive, these flowers and grasses with the dew on them. Stieglitz always said, 
"What have you got to say?" I think in a few small cases I've said a few things, expressed how I 
felt, trying to show the horror of poverty or the beauty of black people. I think that in photography
 what you've done is what you've had to say. In everything this has been the message of my life. 
A simple supper, being with someone you love, seeing a deer come around to eat or drink at the 
barn - I like things like that. If I could make one true, quiet photograph, I would much prefer
 it to having a lot of answers."

 Consuelo Kanaga

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