For Mac | Jack Spicer, 1925-1965

Max Dupain, Starfish in Rockpool, Toowoon Bay, 1986

A dead starfish on a beach
He has five branches
Representing the five senses
Representing the jokes we did not tell each other
Call the earth flat
Call other people human
But let this creature lie
Flat upon our senses
Like a love
Prefigured in the sea
That died.
And went to water
All the oceans
Of emotion. All the oceans of emotion
Are full of such fish
Is this dead one of such importance?    
With blue of heart's blood, the brown 
Of unknowing
The purple of unimportance
It lies upon our beach to be crowned. 
Starfish are 
And love. And love
Is like nothing I can imagine.

For Mac,  Jack Spicer, 1925-1965

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