Little Lulu | Illusrations by Marge Buell, 1930s - 40s

Little Lulu by Marge (Henderson Buell) - 1939 Ed.

Little Lulu is a comic strip created in 1935 by Marjorie Henderson Buell. 
The character, Lulu Moppet, debuted in The Saturday Evening Post on 
February 23, 1935.

Marjorie Henderson Buell, with a Little Lulu doll, posing in 1939 for the Philadelphia Record

Marjorie Henderson Buell, who signed her work "Marge", was a pioneering female cartoonist 
who had a long career working on various one-panel gag strips and illustrations. Originally 
from Philadelphia, Marge sold her first cartoon to the Public Ledger at age 16. Her cartoons 
and illustrations later appeared in magazines like Collier's, Judge, Life, Country Gentleman 
and Ladies' Home Journal. 

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