Budapest (1907 - 1956) | Photos by André Kertész / Werner Bischof / Lucien Aigner / Erich Lessing / David Seymour / Jean Marquis

Lucien Aigner, Budapest view, 1937
City Park, Budapest, 1907
Tram 58 at Zugliget, Budapest, 1940
Cafe Central in Budapest, 1910
André Kertész, Budapest, 1914
Group of men looking at the lottery results in Budapest, 1925
Werner Bischof, Budapest, Heroes of yesterday, 1947
 Erich Lessing, A couple selling onions,  Budapest, 1956 

Jean Marquis, Budapest, 1954                                               David Seymour, Budapest, 1948 / Woman selling handmade dolls on a street
Werner Bischof, Budapest, 1947
A train of the Red Cross, transporting children to Switzerland. 
André Kertész, Circus, Budapest, 1920                          Girls dancing in the streets, Budapest, 1923


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