Nudes | Paintings by Edgar Degas, 1855 - 1898

Edgar Degas, The tub, 1886
Edgar Degas, Woman in a Tub, 1883
Edgar Degas, After the Bath, 1895
 Edgar Degas, Toilet of a Woman, 1884
Edgar Degas, Woman seated on the edge of the bath sponging her neck, 1880–95
 Edgar Degas, Woman at Her Toilette drying her left foot, 1886
Edgar Degas, Woman Drying Her Foot, 1885-86
Edgar Degas, After The Bath, Woman Drying Herself, 1884-1886                                           Edgar Degas, Young Woman Dressing Herself, 1885
Edgar Degas, Woman at her Bath, 1893-1898
Edgar Degas, After the Bath, Woman With a Towel,  1893-97       Edgar Degas, After the Bath – Woman Drying Herself,1895

Edgar Degas, After the Bath, Woman Drying Her Nape, 1898
Edgar Degas, Candaule’s Wife,1855-56                                            Edgar Degas, Woman Having Her Hair Combed, 1885


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