Woodblocks by Maekawa Senpan, 1888-1960

Maekawa Senpan, Lumberyards from 100 Views of New Tokyo,1928–32
Maekawa Senpan, Gotanda Station from 100 Views of New Tokyo,1928–32
Maekawa Senpan, Coast
Maekawa Senpan, Mountain Road
Maekawa Senpan, Dancer, 1953
Maekawa Senpan, A Flower Seller, 1951                                               Maekawa Senpan,Woman of Ohara, 1940s
Maekawa Senpan, Titmouse and Girl, 1955
Maekawa Senpan, Titmouse and Bird Cage, 1960
Maekawa Senpan, Girl holding Red Fan, 1952                                                     Maekawa Senpan, Akita Dancer, 1955

Senpan Maekawa ( 1888 – 1960) was a Japanese woodblock printer associated with the
  sosaku hanga "creative prints" movement.
Maekawa was largely self-taught. Although he had spent a time in his youth watching others 
at work and studied books that had started to be published, Maekawa admitted that for him,
 learning the process of printmaking was one of trial and error. He said it took him "ten years 
to learn technique", but that later he "got acquainted with some artisans and found they 
could have taught me the same things in a few hours.

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