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Éric Rohmer, Six Moral Tales (trans. Sabine d'Estrée) 

“You can't think of nothing.”

"I don't think that my films are 'literary'; they are based on the most ordinary things of life."

"I do not say with words. I do not say it with images either... I do not say, I show. I show people 
who move and speak. That is all I know how to do, but that is my true subject."

“For one never makes a film out of nothing. To shoot a film is always to shoot something, 
be it fiction or reality, and the more shaky the reality, the more solid the fiction must be.”*

“But if I didn't read, I'd think, and thinking, when you come down to it, is the most painful thing 
of all, and the most monopolizing” *

Éric Rohmer, *Six Moral Tales, 1974

Éric Rohmer, The Sign of Leo, 1962


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