The Best Book Covers of 2018 | Designed by: Tree Abraham / Boyang Xia / Rodrigo Corral / Oliver Munday / Matthew Young / John Gall / Joan Wong / Kelly Blair / Peter Mendelsund

Kevin Young, Brown, design by Kelly Blair, collage by Jason Kernevich              Yoko Tawada, The Emissary, design by John Gall 
Publisher: Knopf                                                                        Publisher: New Directions  
Jorge Barón Biza, The Desert and Its Seed, Oliver Munday         Ahmed Bouanani, The Shutters, design by Oliver Munday
Publisher: New Directions                                           Publisher: New Directions  
Amparo Dávila, The Houseguest, design by Oliver Munday            Jay Rubin, The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories, by Matthew Young
Publisher: New Directions                                                                  Publisher: Penguin
Mark Truscott, Branches, design by Tree Abraham                           Hiroaki Sato, On Haiku, design by Boyang Xia / Rodrigo Corral 
                Publisher: BookThug                                                          Publisher: New Directions  
Lisa Margonelli, Underbug designed by Rodrigo Corral                   Inger Christensen, The Condition of Secrecy, design by Joan Wong 
Scientific American / Farrar, Straus & Giroux                                      Publisher: New Directions  
Nico Walker, Cherry, design by Janet Hansen                              David Sedaris, Calypso designed by Peter Mendelsund
Publisher: Knopf                                                             Publisher: Little, Brown
William Carlos Williams, The Doctor Stories, design by Joan Wong                     Nate Chinen, Playing Changes designed by Kelly Blair
Pantheon                                                                      Publisher: New Directions
José Revueltas, The Hole, designed by John Gall                          Helene Tursten, An Elderly Woman is Up To No Good  
    Publisher: New Directions                                                                             Soho Press
T. S. Eliot, The Poems of T. S. Eliot Vol I & II, design by Alex Merto (FSG)


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