Paintings by Andreas Walser (1908 – 1930)

Andreas Walser in Paris, 1928                      Andreas Walser, Double portrait, 1928  

Andreas Walser (1908 – 1930) was a Swiss painter. He was born in Chur and moved to Paris at the
 age of 20 to become more involved in the art world and "to become completely and utterly french".
 Many of his works were produced under the influence of drugs. He died in Paris aged 22.

Les amants au balcon, 1929                                   Enlacement (Balcon),1929
Andreas Walser, 1929
Andreas Walser, Baigneurs (Am Strand), 1930
Andreas Walser, Portrait Jean Cocteau, 1929
Andreas Walser, Untitled, 1929
Andreas Walser, Nature morte – Statue à la fenêtre, 1929
Portrait de Pablo Picasso, 1928                                       Andreas Walser, Untitled, 1929
Andreas Walser, Abstraction 201 rouge – 2 têtes (morphine), 1929
Andreas Walser, Untitled , 1927

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