Musicians on the beach (1926-1967)

Four musicians from the London Symphony Orchestra play their instruments on Daytona Beach, Florida.
They are George Reynolds (trumpet), Alan Jenkins (tuba), David Gray (French horn) and Frank Mathison (trombone), 1967
Loomis Dean, Sandy Goforth seated in a pool blowing on a trumpet, 1951                                                                         Pierre Jamet, Dina Vierny, 1937
Billie as teenager at the age of 17 on the beach, summer 1932. Probably Conney Island, NYC.
Joao Gilberto and Tom Jobim on the beach, 1962 / from the film Copacabana Palace 
Chet Baker, Viareggio beach, Italy, 1960                                              Alfred Eisenstaedt, Summer jazz workshop, Lenox, 1959 

Dizzy Gillespie, Juan-les-Pins, Côte d'Azur, 1958
Dizzy Gillespie playing his trumpet on the French Riviera, circa 1960 
Vincent Lopez's jazz band, wearing bathing suits, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1935 
Two couples dancing to jazz on the riverside, played on a punt by two women dressed in swimming costumes, 1931
Golf instructors using music to improve the sense of timing in the swing of the students, Ormond Beach, Florida, 1926
A female saxophone band known as 'The Silver Sax Six' rehearsing at a South Coast resort, 1938
Eustachy Kossakowski, The Sea Concert (The Panoramic Sea Happening), 1967  
Paolo Bocci, Lungomare, Naples, Italy, 1950′s

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SubComplex said...

Όπως έγραψε και ο Boris Vian: [...]Μόνο δύο πράγματα
υπάρχουν: η αγάπη με τα ωραία κορίτσια, με όλους
τους τρόπους, και η μουσική της Νέας Ορλεάνης ή
του Ντιουκ Έλλινγκτον. Όλα τ’ άλλα θα έπρεπε να
εξαφανιστούν γιατί όλα τ’ άλλα είναι άσχημα.

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