Flick Review < Jacquot de Nantes | Agnès Varda, 1991 / Jacques Demy (memoirs)

A tribute to Agnès Varda's husband of 33 years, Jacques Demy. The scenes of Demy's
childhood were shot in the actual house that he grew up in.

Jacques Demy actually wanted to direct the film himself but was too ill to do so.
Agnès Varda to make it which she rushed to do before his death.

Jacquot de Nantes, 1991 
Directed by Agnès Varda
Writers: Jacques Demy (memoirs), Agnès Varda
With Philippe Maron, Edouard Joubeaud, Laurent Monnier
Cinematography by Patrick Blossier Agnès Godard Georges Strouvé

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