The Sixties | Photos by Roger Kasparian | The Who / Marianne Faithfull / The Beatles / The Kinks / Van Morrison / The Beach Boys / The Rolling Stones / Francoise Hardy

Roger Kasparian: The Who, 18th Arrondissement, 1965
The Kinks in the lobby of Le Bourget airport, Paris, 1965
Roger Kasparian, Marianne Faithfull, Avenue Montaigne & with Eiffel Tower in background, Paris 1965
Marianne Faithfull close up, Avenue Montaigne, Paris 1965
Roger Kasparian: The Beatles in the lobby of Le Bourget airport, Paris, 1964
The Beatles, Palais Des Sports de Paris, 20 June 1965
Roger Kasparian: Beach Boys, Champs Elysees, Paris, 1964
The Beach Boys were looking at the international press at the windows of an old newsstand, Roger went in and took this picture.
Beach Boys in Paris, 18 November 1964, performing at The Olympia for their first French concert.
The Rolling Stones, near the Grand Palais, 1965
Roger Kasparian: Keith signs an autograph in the lobby of Le Bourget airport, Paris, 1964
Francoise Hardy with pigeons, Paris, April/May 1962
Francoise Hardy with her press, Paris, April/May 1962
Van Morrison, stage door, The Olympia, Paris, 1965                                 Roger Kasparian on location with Francoise Hardy


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