I don’t trust those who need to understand things | Stanley Kubrick, 1998

Kubrick self-portrait, 1949

"There is far too much focus on understanding--on being understood. The defining characteristics
of those things--books, films, paintings, pieces of music--that I consider to be art were not things
 I understood, but things I felt, and felt very deeply. I was left--happily, I might add--altered and
 confused and amazed. I felt enthusiastic about what I had seen and what I now faced. I don't trust
 those who need to understand things. There is artistry and joy in not knowing.

Feel more. That was what I meant to say."

Interview with Stanley Kubrick 
Conducted by James Grissom, 1998

Stanley Kubrick on drums with the "George Lewis Ragtime Jazz Band of New Orleans" in George
 Lewis' garden in New Orleans in 1950


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Phil Spector / I Can Hear Music / c 1966 / demo


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