Stroboscopic | Photos by Gjon Mili (1941-1965)

Stroboscopic image of New York University fencing champion Arthur Tauber (left) parrying with Sol Gorlin, 1942
Choreographer Martha Graham performs her own work at Gjon Mili's studio, 1941
Dancer and actor Gene Kelly in a multiple-exposure dance sequence from the movie Cover Girl, 1944
Rope-skipping champion Gordon Hathaway in action, 1947
Drummer Gene Krupa at Gjon Mili's studio, 1941
Drummer Gene Krupa at Gjon Mili's studio, 1941
Gjon Mili, Nude Descending a Staircase, 1942
Stroboscopic image of FBI agent Del Bryce drawing his gun, 1945
Sammy Davis Jr. as "Sportin' Life" in the MGM production of Porgy and Bess, 1958
Choreographer George Balanchine watching New York City Ballet dancers rehearse in 1965
Isaac Stern playing violin at photographer Gjon Mili's studio in 1959
Multiple exposure photograph of Pablo Picasso using a small flashlight to "draw" a figure in the air in 1949

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