No past to make us sentimental | Jean Rhys, 1890-1979

Jean Rhys

“Today I must be very careful, today I have left my armor at home.” ^

“Something came out from my heart into my throat and then into my eyes.” #

“There is always another side, always.” ~

“Life is curious when reduced to its essentials”

“It's so easy to make a person who hasn't got anything seem wrong.” *

“Poverty is the cause of many compromises.” +

“She shook her head but she did not move or touch me.” ~

“The rumble of the life outside was like the sound of the sea which was rising gradually around her.” *

“Satin skin, silk hair, velvet eyes, sawdust heart - all complete.”  ^ 

“When I saw him looking up like that I knew that I loved him.”  ^ 

“I must remember about chandeliers and dancing, about swans and roses and snow.” ~
“Quite alone. No voice, no touch, no hand... '' ^

“It is strange how sad it can be - sunlight in the afternoon, don't you think?” ^

“Anything you like; anything I like... No past to make us sentimental, no future to embarrass us” 

“With you, I don't want to do bad things.”

“Wasn't it quite difficult being a wicked girl? Even more difficult than being a good one?” -

Jean Rhys, 1890-1979

+ Postures} Quartet, 1928  / * After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie, 1930 /  # Voyage in the Dark, 1934
/ ^ Good Morning, Midnight, 1939 / ~ Wide Sargasso Sea, 1966 / - Sleep it Off Lady, 1976


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