J[A-Z]Z / p1ck ( Chega de Saudade | João Gilberto, 1959

photo Francisco Pereira  / layout César Villela 

João Gilberto, Chega de Saudade, 1959 * 

Chega de Saudade is the debut album from João Gilberto and is often credited as the first bossa nova album. 
The title can be translated roughly as "enough longing".

In 2007, it was listed by Rolling Stone Brazil as the fourth best Brazilian album of all time.

João Gilberto - vocals, guitar 
Milton Banana - percussion
Antonio Carlos Jobim - musical direction and arrangements 

* Pois há menos peixinhos a nadar no mar
Do que os beijinhos que eu darei na sua boca
Because there are fewer fish swimming in the sea
Than the kisses I give in your mouth


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