The gaze | Paintings by Elmer Bischoff (1916-1991)

Elmer Bischoff, Couple, 1957-1959
Elmer Bischoff, The River, 1953
Elmer Bischoff, Woman with Umbrella, 1957
Elmer Bischoff, Figure Near the Ocean, 1959
Elmer Bischoff , Red Cliffs, 1963
Elmer Bischoff, Girl with Towel, 1960
Elmer Bischoff, Detail of Two Figures In the Garden, 1958
Elmer Bischoff, Woman Resting, 1958
Elmer Bischoff, Woman with Dark Blue Sky, 1959
Elmer Bischoff, Woman with Yellow Flowers                                        Elmer Bischoff, Woman in Bathrobe, 1958
Elmer Bischoff , Girls, Ocean, Mirror, 1961
Elmer Bischoff, Breakers, 1963
Elmer Bischoff, Late Afternoon, 1953                                               Elmer Bischoff, Hangover Club, 1963
Elmer Bischoff, Girl at the mirror, 1958
Elmer Bischoff, Seated nude before a mirror, 1972

Elmer Nelson Bischoff (1916 – 1991) was a visual artist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bischoff, along with Richard Diebenkorn and David Park,
was part of the post-World War II generation of artists who started as abstract painters and found their way back to figurative art.

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