Flick Review < Dial M for Murder | Alfred Hitchcock (1954)

"They didn’t say much, they just looked very natural together. 
You know, it’s funny how you can tell when people are in love."
 Dial M for Murder (1954) / Alfred Hitchcock
Writers: Frederick Knott (screen play), Frederick Knott (adapted from his play)
Stars: Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, Robert Cummings
Alfred Hitchcock pictured with a giant telephone prop for the film Dial M for Murder
Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock on set Dial M For Murder

Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock on set Dial M For Murder

“Hitch wanted the costume department to make a velvet robe for me - he said he wanted the effect of light and shadow on the velvet during the murder. I had a fitting for it - and it seemed right for Lady Macbeth in her sleepwalking scene, but not for me in this sequence. So I told Hitch I didn’t feel the robe was right for the part. I said that if Margot gets up in the middle of the night to answer the phone and there was no one in the apartment, she would not put on this great velvet robe. Hitch’s face went slightly red - it always did if he was upset - and he asked me, ‘Well, what would you put on to answer the phone?’ and I told him, ‘I wouldn’t put on anything at all - I would just get up and answer the phone in my nightgown!’ And Hitch replied, ‘Maybe you’re right.’ And that’s the way we shot it. After that, I had his confidence as far as wardrobe was concerned, and he gave me a very great deal of liberty in what I wore in his next two pictures.” 

High Society - The Life of Grace Kelly, by Donald Spoto

Grace Kelly and Robert Cummings rehearse on the set of their film Dial M for Murder  

"The whole cast of Dial M for Murder was in love with Grace, especially Ray Milland. I recall having to go
on set to ask him and the others to stop sending my sister flowers as we were running out of containers."

 Grace Kelly’s younger sister, Lizanne Kelly Levine

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