Children | photos by Esther Bubley, 1921-1998

Esther Bubley, Strong Man on Grand Chance Roundup for the feature 'Life' Tours the Children's TV Shows, 1951
  Esther Bubley, Bayway Community Center, Elizabeth, New Jersey, 1944
  Esther Bubley
Esther Bubley, Elementary School Program, Tomball, Texas, 1945
  Esther Bubley
  Esther Bubley
 Esther Bubley
  Esther Bubley
  Esther Bubley
Bird watcher, Central Park. New York City
Esther Bubley, Children playing near schoolhouse, Tomball, Texas, 1947
Toni Parks, daughter of photographer Gordon Parks, New York, 1948
Esther Bubley, Boys watching the Woodrow Wilson high school cadets, Washington, 1943
Esther Bubley, New York City, 1948
Esther Bubley, Waiting for the bus, 1943

These pictures were made for a various reasons: magazine assignments, documentary projects, advertisements, and family albums. I have known some of these children over long periods of time, others for only a few minutes. Regardless of how long I have known them, my way of photographing children (and other people) usually follows a certain pattern. All children like to have their pictures taken. Even tiny babies are fascinated with shiny lenses and flashing lights. Older children, while they enjoy posing, have unfortunately often been conditioned to stand still before a camera and smile into the lens. Thus, posing children is not a problem; getting them not to pose is. (...)

Esther Bubley, Self-portrait, 1950


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