Nudes (1894 - 1928) | Suzanne Valadon

Suzanne Valadon,  After The Bath, 1908
Suzanne Valadon, The Bath, 1908                                                                         Suzanne Valadon, Grand Nu au Tableau, 1922
Suzanne Valadon, Reclining Nude, 1928
Suzanne Valadon, Esquisse pour 'La Popée Délaissée, 1920                                                            Suzanne Valadon, Jeunes Femmes À La Toilette
Suzanne Valadon, Nude on a sofa, 1894
Suzanne Valadon, Nude at the Mirror, 1909                                                 Suzanne Valadon, The Abandoned Doll, 1921
Suzanne Valadon (1865-1938), La toilette
Suzanne Valadon, Nudes, 1919                                                                             Suzanne Valadon, Esquisse pour Baigneuses au bord d'un ruisseau, 1928

 Suzanne Valadon (1865 – 1938) was a French painter and artists' model. In 1894, Valadon became the first woman painter admitted to the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts. She was also the mother of painter Maurice Utrillo.

Suzanne Valadon was the daughter of an unmarried laundress. When she was 15, she joined the circus, but was forced to quit a year later after falling off a trapeze. She eventually became a model for artists including Renoir and Toulouse-Lautrec where she studied their artistic techniques. She is best known for painting female nudes but also painted landscapes, florals and still life. She sometimes worked as long as 13 years on a painting before showing it in public.                                       

Suzanne Valadon aged 24


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Anonymous said...

Clara Beck: Ah, très cher Monsieur Cocosse, ça fait un petit moment que je ne vous ai pas remercié pour l'ensemble de votre œuvre. Très sincèrement, vous êtes un de mes rayons de soleil.

Mr. Cocosse said...

Thank you endlessly ♡ Clara

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