Alphabetarion # Milk | Wayne Miller / Dennis Stock / Eve Arnold / Thomas Hoepker / Inge Morath / Martine Franck (1930 - 75)

Thomas Hoepker, Boy in a dairy store, Naples, 1956
Inge Morath, In the village cafe near Cordoba, Spain, 1962
Leonard Freed, Milkman, Amsterdam, 1964
Wayne Miller, Three teenagers in kitchenette apartment, Illinois, Chicago, 1946
Martine Franck, Bucharest, Romania, Milk factory, 1975                                          Constantine Manos, Boy delivering milk, Seville, Spain, 1955
Eve Arnold, Midmorning milk "break" at Cheltenham Ladies' College, Gloucestershire, England, 1961
Bob Henriques, Fidel Castro taking a light lunch upon his arrival in Havana, Cuba, 1959
Henri Cartier-Bresson,  Lunchtime for the dockers, Hamburg, 1952-1953
Dennis Stock, At the Abilene bus depot in Texas, a teenager quickly sips a malted milk during a break, 1960
Dennis Stock, The bus has just taken off from the depot in Abilene, before a teenage girl had finished her malted milk,
so she takes it with her to the next state, Texas. 1960
The Beatles
Erich Hartmann, London. 1976                                 Eve Arnold, Frantic housewife, London, 1971

^ Marilyn Silverstone, Distribution of care milk to boys at Visauratia boarding house for orphan boys, India, Veraval, 1959                                         A Musical Milkman, 1930

Herman's Hermits - No Milk Today (1966)

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Arthur Koestler / Please No milk today / 1983


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