Olympic games, Athens, Greece 1896 | photos by Albert Meyer

Olympic games, Athens,1896
Panagiotis Paraskevopoulos in the disc firing position                      Olympic games 1896, a shot put thrower
Olympic games, Athens, 1896
Athens, Greece 1896, Men' s 100 Metres
Spyros Louis, a Greek water carrier entering Kallimarmaron at the 1896 Athens Olympics
 Climbing at the 1896 Athens Olympics          Herman Weingartner, third in the rings
Olympic games, Athens, 1896
Olympic games, 1896. The Princeton University team. From left Lenin, Jamieson, Tyler and Garrett.
Aerial view of two competitors in action in the Foil event during the 1896 Olympic Games at Zappeion
Olympic games, Athens, 1896
Robert S. Garrett, champion in discus throw and shot put     Alfréd Hajós, the first Olympic champion in swimming, 1896
Cycling at the Athens 1896 Olympics
France's Leon Flameng, gold medallist in the 100km, and Paul Masson, gold medallist in the Sprint, 2000m and 10000m
Olympic games, Athens 1896, Tennis men doubles final
Olympic games, Athens, 1896, tennis
Olympic games, Athens,1896
Carl Schuhmann (left) and Georgios Tsitas shake hands before the final match of the wrestling competition, 1896
Ellery Harding Clark, champion in high and long jump                 Launceston Elliot, winner of the one-armed weightlifting event
A peek at the Marathon Event in Olympic games, Athens, 1896
Burton Holmes, Three athletes in training for the marathon in Athens 1896
Dimitrios Loundras, center, at the 1896 Olympics, a Greek gymnast won a
 bronze at the age of 10 years and 218 days in the team parallel bars event

Athens Olympic games 1896 report cover / Constantine Kondyllis carries the Olympic Torch over the first part of the 3000km stretch from Olympia


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