Dublin | Photos by Evelyn Hofer (1966-67)

Evelyn Hofer, Dublin, 1966
Evelyn Hofer, Dublin, 1966
Evelyn Hofer, Dublin, 1966                                                Evelyn Hofer, Mods, Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin, 1967
Evelyn Hofer, Dublin, 1966
Evelyn Hofer, Distillery, Dublin, 1966 
Evelyn Hofer, Huband Bridge, Dublin, 1966
Evelyn Hofer, Gravediggers, Dublin, 1966 
 Evelyn Hofer. Phoenix Park on a Sunday, Dublin, 1966
Evelyn Hofer, Seminaries , Dublin, 1966                                          Evelyn Hofer, Orphans, Dublin, 1966
Evelyn Hofer, "Jammet's", Dublin, 1966                                          Evelyn Hofer, Anna and Emma, Dublin, 1966
Evelyn Hofer, Young Child, Dublin, 1967                                        Evelyn Hofer, Two Painters, Dublin, 1967

Evelyn Hofer was born in Marburg, Germany in 1922 and died in 2009 in Mexico City. In the years 
in between, Hofer created a body of work that both looked back to the tradition of August Sander
 and anticipated the color work of William Eggleston, causing her to be called "the most famous
 unknown photographer in America" by New York Times art critic Hilton Kramer – a devout
 supporter of her work.

Late in her life, when asked for her thoughts on being called "the most famous unknown 
photographer in America." she said she liked it. She understood that what mattered was 
the work, not personal fame.


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