Rollages / Jiri Kolar | Photos by Václav Chochola (1960)

Václav Chochola (1923–2005) is an exceptional figure in Czech photography, moving back and forth between art photography, documentary, and straightforward reporting.

He has lived in direct contact with cultural events, and has found many of his motifs in the city, particularly on the outskirts of Prague, where he was born. He was inspired by Surrealism, the artists in ”Group 42" (Czech: Skupina 42), urban life and civilization, and post-war Existentialism.

When first published in the 1960s, Chochola’s nudes became a fundamental part of Czech photography. In his fascinating portraits he has managed in simple shorthand to suggest a definite setting to help him capture the personality of his subject.

A substantial number of his photographs use nontraditional techniques, and he has made photograms, montages, and “rollages.” (...)

< Vaclav Chochola, Back, Nude, 1960
Vaclav Chochola, Jiri Kolar, Back, Nude, Paris, Rollages, 1960
Vaclav Chochola, Jiri Kolar, Rollage, 1963
Vaclav Chochola, Jiri Kolar, Rollage, 1960

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