Playgrounds (I) | Francesc Català-Roca / Roger Mayne / M. Paul Friedberg / Vsevolod Tarasevich / Jirí Novák / Isamu Noguchi / Sebastián / Brian Yale, 1920s-1970s

Francesc Català-Roca, Girona, Spain, 1975
Children's playground, 1920's
Roger Mayne, Adventure Playground, Pimlico, 1958
M. Paul Friedberg (b. 1931), landscape architect, Jacob Riis House, New York, 1966      Slide and box climbers in Brockwell Park, London, 1963
Vsevolod Tarasevich, On the playground, Norilsk, Russia, 1965-70
Jirí Novák: Functional sculpture for playground, 1960, a special prize in the competition "The kids in town.
Isamu Noguchi, Swings and roundabouts - playground equipment, 1939
Pierre Szekely, Vaucresson - Aire de jeux - Playground
Urban Jungle play structure, Tokyo, 1972
Cinetic slides by artist Sebastián, playground module in Mexico City, 1977
Alison & Peter Smithson, The Robin Hood Gardens playground, 1972, London
 Brian Yale, Lewisham, London, 1972                                     Playground jungle-gym in 1956
Playgroun on Jesus Urueta park in Mexico City, ca. 1920

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