Alphabetarion # Leapfrog | Bert Hardy / Charles Hewit / Bill Brandt / A. R. Coster / Pepi Merisio

Bert Hardy, A group of boys from the Gorbals play amongst the gravestones of the Corporation Burial Ground
 in Rutherglen Road, UK, one of the few areas of greenery in the district, 1948
Pepi Merisio, Venezia, 1958                                                Bill Brandt, A group of children playing leap frog in the street, 1950
Vecchio, St Peter's Square in The Vatican City, 1955                                                       New York, 1900s    
The Beatles, 1963                                                                       The Beatles, 1964

Children playing leapfrog in Bruegel's Children's Games, 1560
1938                                                                           Charles Hewitt, 1955
A. R. Coster, Young bellhops playing leapfrog on the sun deck of US liner Leviathan (former Hamburg America line vessel Vaterland), on arrival at Southampton, 1923
Students at University College Cardiff leap frogging during a physical training display, 1936

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