Flick Review < Strip-tease / Sweet Skin | Jacques Poitrenaud, 1963 | Nico, Serge Gainsbourg & Big Joe Turner

Strip-tease (aka Sweet Skin)
Director: Jacques Poitrenaud 
Cast: Nico, Dany Saval, Jean Sobieski, Joe Turner, Renée Passeur, Serge Gainsbourg 
Music: Serge Gainsbourg, Alain Goraguer

This is pretty much the first starring role from Nico. After splitting her time between New York and Paris, she got the lead role in Jacques Poitrenaud's Strip-Tease (1963). She recorded the title track, which was written by Serge Gainsbourg but not released until 2001 (Le Cinéma de Serge Gainsbourg)

Serge Gainsbourg - Some Small Chance
Serge Gainsbourg - Crazy-Horse Swing
Serge Gainsbourg - Wake Me At Five
Juliette Gréco - Strip-Tease  /  Nico - Strip-tease
Jacques Poitrenaud and Serge Gainsbourg                      Serge Gainsbourg, Bande Originale Du Film 'Strip-Tease', 1963
Strip-tease, 1963, Jacques Poitrenaud 
 Nico / Serge Gainsbourg / Big Joe Turner

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