Everybody has a story about Chet Baker | Bruce Weber

"I told Chet in Cannes when we were interviewing him to sit in front of the film poster 
of Belmondo in Breathless – but I didn’t say to sit right where the gun is." Bruce Weber

Bill Claxton, the photographer, told me when Charlie Parker first heard Chet play, he called Miles Davis and Dizzie Gillespie and said, “There’s a little white cat out here who’s going to give you a lot of trouble.”
Charlaine, who’s Chet’s first wife, told us how Chet used to play the trumpet in the shower because he thought it was good for the sound.
Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell used to sit at the front table at The Haig in the 1950s to hear Chet and Gerry Mulligan play together.
Someone told me he used to walk from Paris to Rome to “cool out.”
Sam Shepard told me how he walked into Charlie Mingus’ house and saw this man hanging out in jodhpurs and a crop with no shirt on. Of course, it was Chet.
Supposedly he was once introduced to James Dean on the street in New York City in the early 1950s and just said “Hi” and walked away. I say in the film, “Everybody in the film has a story about Chet Baker.” I made the film with Chet because I wanted to have my own story about him.

Bruce Weber, Let's Get Lost (1988)

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