Self portraits and Landscapes | Paintings by Jan Mankes (1889 - 1920)

Jan Mankes, Self portrait with Owl, 1911                                                       Jan Mankes, Self portrait, 1913    
Jan Mankes, Self portrait, 1912                                Jan Mankes, Self portrait, 1910                                                    Jan Mankes, Self portrait, 1910 

"I paint or rather wish to paint paintings, silent 
but singing, singing indeed by their silence."

Jan Mankes

    Jan Mankes, View from the Artist’s Window in Eerbeek, 1917                                                                                         Jan Mankes, 1915 

Jan Mankes (1889-1920) was a Dutch painter. "Mankes had a reputation as an ascetic living in a kind of self-chosen isolation in De Knipe, Friesland, far from the heart of the country's culture. In reality he was well aware of what was going on, read the leading newspapers and magazines, and was supplied by friends with newspaper clippings and other material. In addition, he had lived in The Hague and (because of his tuberculosis) in Eerbeek, in Gelderland, but preferred to keep an "intimate distance". A progressive Protestant, in 1915 he married Anne Zernike, the country's first female minister with a doctoral degree. Zernike was a Mennonite; a drawing of her, made by Mankes in 1911. One of his favorite animals, he kept it in his room, was an owl, sent to him by his benefactor Pauwels.

Jan Mankes,1889-1920
Jan Mankes, Water landscape, 1912

Jan Mankes, Evening, 1912
Jan Mankes, Woudster road near Oranjewoud, 1912
Jan Mankes, A Garden, 1889-1920
Jan Mankes, The Beach at  Scheveningen, 1915
 Jan Mankes, Douwe met spade,1915
Jan Mankes, 1913
Jan Mankes, Beach at Scheveningen, 1915
Jan Mankes, Foggy landscape, 1915
Jan Mankes, Moon Night at Woudsterweg, 1914

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