Juliet Browner & Man Ray, 1945

Juliet Browner in front of a chess game designed by Man Ray, 1945 

Man Ray was forced to return from Paris to the United States due to the Second World War. He lived in Los Angeles, California from 1940 to 1951. A few days after arriving in Los Angeles, Man Ray met Juliet Browner, a first-generation American of Romanian-Jewish lineage.

Juliet Browner, Man Ray, Dorothea Tanning, Max Ernst, 1946  Florence Homolka

Mrs. Man Ray, a dancer and model, and the artist were married in 1946 ( in a double wedding with their friends Max Ernst and Dorothea Tanningand lived in a Paris studio near the Luxembourg Gardens from 1951 until he died in 1976 at the age of 86.

When not posing for his works, she said, she remained nearby. "He would like me to be there while he worked," she said. "We didn't talk. He just wanted to feel my presence." Evenings were shared with guests in supper parties, chitchat and salon-style gatherings.

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