Gifts / Merry Christmas | Jack Kerouac

"In the general uproar of gifts and unwinding of wrappers it was always a delight to me to step out on the porch 
or even go up the street a ways at 1:00 in the morning and listen to the silent hum of heaven diamond stars, 
watch the red and green windows of homes, consider the trees that seemed frozen in devotion, and think over 
the events of another year passed."

Jack Kerouac, Not Long Ago Joy Abounded at Christmas,
Oliphant Press, 1972 / first published in the World Telegram and Sun, Dec. 5, 1957

Jack Kerouac jams with the band at The Artist's Club New 
year's Eve Party on December 31, 1958 in New York


Anonymous said...
Voice Of The Silence / Don Cherry / Ed Blackwell / El Corazón / 1982


Anonymous said...

Blast of Silence / 1961 / dir. Allen Baron / 77 min


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