Jackson Pollock and Jazz

Fats Waller - Moppin And Boppin 
Lester Young - One O' Clock Jump 
Jackson Pollock’s house and studio in the Hamptons. The studio where Pollock painted most of his infamous drip paintings and worked until his untimely death in 1956. Pollock/Krasner House (East Hampton. New York) 
Louis Armstrong - Mahogany Hall Stomp 
Jimmy Yancey – Yancey's Bugle Call
Jackson Pollock: Number 8, 1949                             Jackson Pollock, Greyed Rainbow, 1953
Count Basie - Jumpin' at the Woodside
J. Pollock’s studio
The White Light (1954) by Jackson Pollock appeared on Ornette Coleman’s Free Jazz (1961)
The cover was a gatefold with a cutout window in the lower left corner, allowing a glimpse of the painting;
 opening the cover revealed the full artwork.

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