Bedrooms | Egon Schiele / Wassily Kandinsky / Vincent van Gogh / Henri Matisse / Edouard Vuillard

Egon Schiele, Schiele's Room in Neulengbach, 1911
Wassily Kandinsky, Bedroom in Aintmillerstrasse, 1909
Vincent van Gogh, Vincent's Bedroom in Arles, 1889
Henri Matisse, My Room at the Beau-Rivage, 1918
Edouard Vuillard, Sunlit Interior, 1920

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Anonymous said...

The Bedroom / 1888 .

The walls are of a pale violet. The floor is of red tiles.
The bedstead and the chairs are fresh butter yellow.
The sheet and the pillows very bright lemon green.
The bedspread scarlet red.
The window green.
The dressing table orange, the basin blue.
The doors lilac.
The frame — as there’s no white in the painting — will be white.

Vincent van Gogh / Letter to Theo van Gogh / Oct. 16 1888


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