By the sea | Paintings by August Strindberg (1873-1903)

August Strindberg, Sunset, 1892
August Strindberg, Seglare, 1873
August Strindberg Flower by the Shore, 1873
August Strindberg, The Birch Tree, 1902                       August Strindberg, Seascape, 1894
  August Strindberg, Stormy Sea. Broom Buoy, 1892                                     August Strindberg, The Town, 1903

"I am everywhere, in the ocean which is my blood, in the hills which are my bones"

August Strindberg

August Strindberg, Sunset Over the Sea, 1903                                 August Strindberg, Wave VII, 1901     
August Strindberg, Sunset, c. 1873

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Ανώνυμος είπε...

We, we waves,
That are rocking the winds
To rest--
Green cradles, we waves!

Wet are we, and salty;
Leap like flames of fire--
Wet flames are we:
Burning, extinguishing;
Cleansing, replenishing;
Bearing, engendering.

We, we waves,
That are rocking the winds
To rest!

August Strindberg / We waves / Trans. Edwin Björkman


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