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Walker Evans: Self Portrait, 1927                 Walker EvansSelf Portrait

"I say half jokingly that photography is the most difficult of the arts. It does require a certain arrogance to see and to choose. 
I feel myself walking on a tightrope instead of on the ground."

"It’s too presumptuous and naïve to think you can change society by a photograph or anything else...
 I equate that with propaganda; I think that’s a lower rank of purpose."

"The secret of photography is, the camera takes on the character and personality of the handler."

Walker Evans

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Anonymous said...

[ Walker Evans / Self-portrait , 1927 ]

In the absence of firm knowledge as to the artist's intention in making this self-portrait, one might hypothesize that Evans was testing the shutter speed of his camera, portraying himself as a damned soul in hell, or exploring a way to describe the invisble interface between insanity and genius.


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