Book//mark - Book of Dreams | Jack Kerouac, 1961

Cover by Robert Frank

"In the Book of Dreams I just continue the same story but in the 
dreams I had of the real-life characters I always write about."

 " All human beings are also dream beings. "

“The fact that everybody in the world dreams every night ties all mankind together.”

 ---We then neck sloosily , dreamily --- She's very beautiful and I love her --- 
The lifespan of an ant is very short , and it only learns that learning is ignorance ---

"I’m a lonely independent man with no ties, no hopes, bleak tricks to make 
a living, full of death, indecision, sedentary laziness and worst of all
I don’t know why I’m on earth and what I should do to satisfy not any craving 
inside myself but some kind of craving in the sky, the lostcloud sky."

I’m looking for a place to sit and write quietly at the baseball park and go around a fountain
 and batting cage wire to a bench on the side where there’s an old typewriter & desks under a tree
 and here I turn into Malcolm Cowley and start typing – but so old the Machine, to register letters 
ya gotta hit it one finger at a time hard, which I do, – & there’s a sad young kid there, of 18, definite
 personality, curly brown hair, thoughtful, as an interested old Man of Letters I begin to interview him
 sympathetically and find he’s a young tender poet so saddened he doesnt write much, or some 
such, — walked 2 1/2 miles before I wrote this, so part forgot – So he stares into space in my
 dream and I worry about him — Who’s subjective? Who’s objective?

"All that we lost will come back to us in heaven."

-- my silk and lace - able you --- 

SOMEDAY I'LL BE REBORN in that great city in another world system, in the past
 or future, where the single 3-mile high mountain stands against the blue sky --With all 
my compassion with me, all I'll need is the wisdom of the land.

Jack Kerouac, Book of Dreams, 1961


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