Flick Review < The Wrong Man | Alfred Hitchcock, 1956

The Wrong Man, 1956
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Writers: Maxwell Anderson, Angus MacPhail
Cinematography: Robert Burks
Stars: Henry Fonda, Vera Miles, Anthony Quayle
Music: Bernard Herrmann

Henry Fonda and Vera Miles in a promotional photograph for The Wrong Man, 1956
Alfred Hitchcock - Henry Fonda on the set, 1956

This movie is one of Martin Scorsese's favorite Sir Alfred Hitchcock movies, 
and was an influence on Scorese's "Taxi Driver" (1976).

Tuesday Weld appears as a young giggling girl. She was 13 years old.


Welcome Morning | Anne Sexton, 1928-1974

 Dollhouse, Fisher Price, 1970's

There is joy
in all:
in the hair I brush each morning,
in the Cannon towel, newly washed,
that I rub my body with each morning,
in the chapel of eggs I cook
each morning,
in the outcry from the kettle
that heats my coffee
each morning,
in the spoon and the chair
that cry "hello there, Anne"
each morning,
in the godhead of the table
that I set my silver, plate, cup upon
each morning.

All this is God,
right here in my pea-green house
each morning
and I mean,
though often forget,
to give thanks,
to faint down by the kitchen table
in a prayer of rejoicing
as the holy birds at the kitchen window
peck into their marriage of seeds.

So while I think of it,
let me paint a thank-you on my palm
for this God, this laughter of the morning,
lest it go unspoken.

The Joy that isn't shared, I've heard,
dies young.

Anne Sexton, 1928-1974

The past | Ted Chiang, 2007

Chalice cover, Italy, late 17th-early 18th century

“Nothing erases the past. There is repentance, there is atonement, 
and there is forgiveness. That is all, but that is enough.”

“Four things do not come back: the spoken word, the sped arrow, 
the past life, and the neglected opportunity.”

“Past and future are the same, and we cannot change either, only know them 
more fully. My journey to the past had changed nothing, but what I had learned
 had changed everything.”

Ted Chiang, The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate, 2007 

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